• Vanessa Bay, Managing Director and Proprietor Switzerland and Germany / Co-proprietor Austria

    After tourism college studies, extensive experience as travel consultant and travel trade journalist. Co-founder, Managing Director and (since 2009) sole proprietor of PrimCom Switzerland. "Powerfrau" and driving force behind the agency, with an instinctive feel for good stories, new projects and exciting personalities. Born with the travel virus, her personal preferences are for travel on land and waterway, for out-of-the-ordinary accommodation, and not least for nomadic wanderings in her vintage VW minibus.


  • Sabine Biedermann, Deputy Managing Director Switzerland / Consulting

    Diploma in tourism management with many years of experience as a PR consultant. Also as a consultant in direct and event marketing for agencies and companies in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. With PrimCom since 2010. Always easy going and cool, calm and collected. Privately, frequently to be found with friends on Lake Zurich but also loves to travel. Her dream destinations are the desert – and Iran.


  • Nina Aryapour, Agency Manager, Germany

    German state qualification in multilingual correspondence and Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication Sciences. Early experience in PR consulting and joined PrimCom in 2011. After four years with the agency in Zurich as consultant, she has since 2015 managed the PrimCom office in her home city of Berlin. Style consultant by passion, and an impressively fast mover in high heels. Loves grand hotels – but during her time with PrimCom has also discovered a liking for camping and hiking holidays!


  • Petra Wittmann, Managing Director / Co-proprietor Austria

    Bachelor of Economic Sciences, Master in PR and Integrated Communications. Extensive agency experience in the fields of advertising, cross-media and social media. Joined PrimCom in 2010; since 2012 Managing Director and co-proprietor of PrimCom Austria. Oozes Viennese charm, always cheerful, endless energy. Frequently on the move between Vienna and Zurich. Social media fan, specializes in city breaks and excels in nightlife know-how. But also enjoys more active and sporting holidays.


  • Doris Trinker, Managing Director Austria

    After training at the University of Vienna to become a translator and simultaneous interpreter, Doris's love of travel took her into the tourism industry. Further studies in Italy resulted in an everlasting passion for that country. Media work for Viennna Tourism and several years as a freelance PR consultant. Joined PrimCom in 2016 and together with Petra Wittmann manages the Vienna office.


  • Mary Stefanizzi, Consulting Switzerland

    In love with her native Zurich – and with her Italian roots – Mary Stefanizzi is through-and-through a top tourism, marketing and sales professional. After 25 years in various management positions (ranging from holiday apartments and leisure parks to the cruise ship industry), she joined the PrimCom team in 2018. Her interests embrace sport, events, discovering new restaurants and best brunch locations. But she also enjoys chilling out in nature, with a good book or cooking for friends. Mary also lets her creativity run free by designing silver jewellery.


  • Simon Benz, Consulting Switzerland

    Master licentiate in Mass Communication & Media Research, and journalistic experience in the travel, tourism and MICE sectors. Born in Basel, but has enjoyed living and working in Zurich for almost 20 years and joined PrimCom in November 2014. Creative family man with the ability to see the bigger picture beyond the hypothetical horizon. Likes to travel in Asian and Arabic countries, often to discover lesser-known destinations.


  • Sophie Grüber, Consulting Switzerland

    Sophie has a registered diploma in social pedagogue with agency experience in the tourism and lifestyle sectors. Joined our agency in 2014. A real Hamburg lass, she nevertheless spent several years in the urban jungle of New York before moving to Switzerland in 2014. Open-natured, enthusiastic and eager to accomplish, she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Talks much faster than permitted by the police.


  • Stephanie Günzler, Consulting Switzerland

    As a trained journalist and specialist in German studies, Stephanie – who comes from Germany – found her way into travel writing more or less by chance. But with her acquired in-depth knowledge of the Swiss tourism sector and MICE market, this has been her professional passion ever since. Joined the PrimCom team in 2019, having already fallen in love with her adopted country in 2011. Spends most of her free time in hiking boots or climbing shoes and putting mountain bike trails to the test. Her motto – the greatest happiness on earth lies in the magic of the mountains.


  • Esther Meyer, Team Support

    Esther trained as a film make-up artist and attended commercial school before opting for a media career and studying journalism. She joined the PrimCom team in 2017. Born and educated in Zurich, she is a city lover – a visit to London at least once a year is a definite "must". In her leisure time, she is devoted to her trusty old Peugeot city bike, loves reading and drinking tea.


  • Hartmut Kaiser, Project Management

    German-born Hartmut comes originally from Hamburg where he studied architecture. He later settled in Switzerland, also acquiring Swiss citizenship. A passionate photographer and graphic designer, he set up his own business in Zurich – the Licht-Spiel-Haus, renowned for its eye-catching cityscapes. Formerly an office neighbour of PrimCom, he joined our team in 2021 as Project Manager.


  • Anne Gorgerat, Consulting Switzerland

    Anne studied economics in Germany where she trained as a PR consultant.
    She is experienced in the fields of digital marketing and social media, and has worked as head of PR with various companies and organizations. Since 2005 independent PR consultant specializing in lifestyle, beauty and tourism. As a native French-speaking Swiss who completed most of her studies in German-language Switzerland and Germany, Anne is perfectly bilingual. She is resident for much of the time in Zurich – but with her intuitive feel for trends and topics in French-language Switzerland she lives mainly in the Lower Valais region. She is a keen cyclist and skier and also a rowing enthusiast.


  • Daniel Predota, Consulting Switzerland

    A Master of Business Administration specializing in tourism, Daniel has long experience in marketing and communication (notably in international hotel projects and with leading tourism organizations). Austrian-born, he settled in Switzerland in 2010 and joined PrimCom in 2022. Never happier than when he can combine his passion for travel with sport in natural surroundings, discovering new restaurants – and keeping his two adventurous young children in check.


  • Tina Engler, Consulting Germany

    A trained journalist, Hamburg-born Tina first worked for more than 10 years in the international music industry as a PR manager. In 2000 she then launched her own business as a freelance travel journalist, covering countless destinations on all continents for the print media (magazines and daily newspapers). As a result, she has acquired extensive access to an impressive media network. After lengthy stays in Italy and Spain, Tina moved to PrimCom Germany in summer 2019. She enjoys spending her free time on the road, exploring unspoilt nature and new sights off the beaten tourist track – either by bike or café-hopping in some of the world’s most beautiful places.


  • Raphaela Steixner, Junior Consultant Austria

    Raphaela comes from the Tyrol region of Austria and joined PrimCom in early 2023 to strengthen our agency’s team in Vienna. She holds a Bachelor of Sociology degree and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Journalism and Communication Sciences. Raphaela has wide experience in the gastronomy sector, having worked in the Tyrol, England and Italy. In her private life, she likes to revive memories of her many travels by experimenting with culinary creations in her own kitchen.


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As a small but successful agency, we offer the highest standards of specialized know-how and editorial competence. We pride ourselves on being a highly motivated, flexible, efficient and close-to-the-client team.

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PrimCom was founded in 2005 as a Switzerland-based communications agency, specializing in the travel and tourism industries. The agency later opened offices in Vienna (2012) and Berlin (2015) to serve the neighbouring Austrian and German markets. PrimCom offers extensive expertise and a wide range of internal and external communications services, embracing media relations, social media and crisis communication.

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