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Flyer mixes up the electric mountain bike market

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The Swiss electric bike manufacturer Flyer, situated in Huttwil (BE), is launching three new electric mountain bikes in 2015 (E-MTB) and setting new technical standards in the process. The new flagship "Uproc6" combines technically pioneering benefits with timeless design. Flyer also has new models in the urban range.

Swiss electric bike market leader Flyer mixes up the e-MTB market with three new thoroughbred off-road bikes. The three models combine technically pioneering benefits with timeless elegant design. The new flagship “Uproc6” travels effortlessly over wild root-covered paths and small boulders while always remaining easy to control. A 27.5 inch front wheel and a 26 inch rear wheel give the “Uproc6” optimal traction as well as maximum manoeuverability.

In addition to the “Uproc6”, Flyer will also be launching the Swiss Army knife of e-MTBs in the 2015 model year: the“Uproc3”. The full suspension all-rounder is designed for all types of terrain. Its manoeuverability, riding stability, sporty motor, and not least aesthetics and ergonomics speak well for this model.

As a third MTB novelty, the company “Goroc” is launching a practical and lightweight hardtail (non-suspended rear wheel).

The little brother of the two Uproc models is the ideal introduction to Flyer's range of offroad bikes.

Fine-tuning of the product portfolio
There are also new products in the Swiss manufacturer's urban range: the small, cool, run-about bike “Flogo” (20 inch running wheels) surprises with its versatility. Due to their portability, the “Flogo” models are the epitome of urban mobility, and their compactness does not compromise the pleasure you can have riding them. In addition to the “Flogo”, Flyer is launching sporty and stylish bikes in the urban range with the TS-series.

Flyer manufacturer, Biketec AG, has also decided to fine-tune the portfolio and distribute the eleven Flyer model ranges into the three categories of "Tour", "Urban" and "Mountain" in future. Explaining this measure, CEO Simon Lehmann said, "grouping them together allows us to set a technical benchmark in each of the three segments and to provide the right premium e-bike to every customer".

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