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New Flyer Uproc6 e-mountain bike wins international award

Publisher: Biketec,

Biketec of Switzerland – the country's leading manufacturer of E-Bikes – has taken an international award for its new mountain bike model, the Flyer Uproc6. The company, competing against strong opposition, won the honour at the "Design & Innovation Award 2015" organized by the German trade publications "Enduro Mountain Magazine" and "E-Mountainbike Magazine".

In advance of the 2015 awards presentation, the latest models from more than 100 manufacturers worldwide were put through their paces by an international jury of top mountain bikers and specialists. According to their test report: "On the trail there is immediate recognition that Flyer has skilfully put into practice the descent orientation (of the Flyer Uproc6) – concerning not only the mechanics but also the frame geometry and rear triangle kinematics. At the latest, it becomes clear when braking that the Swiss take seriously what they say about downhill optimization."

Biketec CEO Simon Lehmann commented: "In making our mark at the forefront of the international E-Bike market, we set ourselves the highest standards of excellence and innovation. The company's success at the 'Design & Innovation Award 2015' is acknowledgement of our endeavours over recent years. It will inspire us to further achievement in all sectors of our E-Bike business." The report on the Flyer Uproc6 shows that for Biketec of Switzerland the future has already begun. It stated: “Even after short test rides, it was clear that this bike – with its design and handling excellence – has the potential to set new standards in electrically-supported enduro biking."

In addition to the award-winning Uproc6, Flyer is this year launching two further E-Mountain Bike models in the Flyer range – the Uproc3 and the Goroc.


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