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Flyer is FIT for the future

Publisher: Biketec,

The Swiss E-bike manufacturer Flyer complements its model portfolio for 2016 with the fast U series and the Uproc7 electric mountain bike. Both models are equipped with the exclusive FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT), with which Biketec takes system integration and proprietary innovative components to a new level.

On the occasion of the "Eurobike" industrial bicycle fair in Friedrichshafen, the Swiss Flyer manufacturer Biketec presented the prototypes of its premium U series and the Uproc7 E-MTB for the first time to a professional audience on Wednesday, August 26th. The new powerful Flyer machines will be available in stores as from spring 2016.

Both models are equipped with the innovative FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT). This technology features an expandable system architecture, allowing for an improved riding experience thanks to numerous new functions and innovations. Chief Technology Officer Ivica Durdevic describes the FIT development as another milestone for the Swiss e-bike pioneer and believes that the extensive investments will pay off for the company. "Integrating our own market-leading components enables us to interlink the latter, enabling these components to interact and align with each other."

The cockpit consisting of a display and an operating console e.g. is among the highlights designed by the Flyer developers. This cockpit excels with enhanced readability and an easy and intuitive operation.

Two-gear shift and a new cell technology
The new prototypes feature the Multi Speed Assist System (Musasy) – a world novelty by Panasonic. This engine with a two-gear shift offers a significantly increased gear ratio and fits into the bike design harmoniously.

Flyer will offer the electric motor as well as the specially developed battery featuring the brand new 4Ah cell technology exclusively. "We have integrated the Panasonic battery into the frame for easy lateral removal in a single step", says Ivica Durdevic. He considers this to be a critical development step from an aesthetical and ergonomic perspective.

Advanced, powerful and stylish
The urban segment of the premium U series benefits from the new system architecture. The models meet the highest demands in terms of design and technology, making the road a catwalk. The U series will be available in a Speed e-bike version only (support up to 45 km/h) and will most probably be of interest for commuters and leisure riders. "The two-gear electric motor features an extensive gear ratio. This enables reaching maximum speed levels very quickly also at low cycling frequencies", Ivica Durdevic is enthused to tell.

FIT enables riders to opt for a manual or automatic gear-shifting mode. The automatic mode will make the motor switch independently based on sensor information. The two U series variants will be available in three sizes respectively.

Uproc7 – Excellent climbing capabilities
Flyer also presents a new flagship product for the mountain segment. Flyer's All Mountain Enduro e-bike Uproc7 addresses skilled mountain bikers with utmost design and functional requirements. The new two-gear motor offers an optimum torque on the rear wheel, providing the E-MTB with excellent climbing capabilities during uphill rides.

The geometrical design with a short rear structure and the 27.5 inch PLUS tyres enable a perfect riding performance. The new innovative motor support enabled us to reduce the wheelbase. In addition, the new integrated bearings allowed reducing the e-bike's weight.

For Durdevic, the enhanced readability and intuitive operation of the cockpit is of special importance. These features are particularly critical at high riding speed. The two Uproc7 variants will be available in three sizes respectively.

A new look for the bestsellers
Flyer has re-designed its comfortable Tour models and the RS series with a new, refreshed look for the 2016 model year. The T and C series are completely re-designed in a more advanced and stylish look. "We have e.g. adapted the colour concept and the cable alignment for our most successful Flyer models", says Ivica Durdevic. In addition, the series have been complemented with a number of new developed components. This includes a more lightweight chain guard with wider tyres, as well as various components (stem, grips, luggage racks) in modern black.

The low-noise Panasonic 36V central motor complements the existing "Eco", "Standard" and "High" levels with a new "Auto Mode" level. These assistance levels automatically adapt to the topographic conditions, enabling a highly efficient riding performance. In addition, the models are optionally available with electronic Shimano internal gear hub gears.

TX-Series wins Eurobike Award
Good news are also available from the TX series that Flyer already introduced in July. The fully suspended "Gran Tourer" received the Eurobike Award during the Eurobike industrial fair in Friedrichshafen. This globally renowned award is among the most prestigious awards available to bicycle industry companies. The award recognises highly innovative premium products.

The TX series is not only suited for work commuting but also for extensive leisure tours. A central motor and the sub-tube battery from the Bosch Performance Line deliver the required power to this extent. The premium TX series offers maximum comfort and sportive and stylish design. The new model is available in two variants from euro 4299.


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