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Flyer to boost presence on international e-mountain bike market in 2017

Publisher: Biketec,

Leading Swiss e-bike manufacturer Biketec has launched its product range for 2017. It will focus mainly on new models in the mountain bike segment (Uproc-Series) as well as in the increasingly popular Urban category (U-Series).

Leading Swiss e-bike manufacturer Biketec has launched its new range of models for the coming year. The 2017 products have been premiered at the company’s first-ever international trade show to be staged at its headquarters in Huttwil. The show unveiled a total of 17 mountain bikes and urban everyday bikes, shortly to be available on the international market. They include models equipped with Biketec’s state-of-the-art Flyer Intelligent Technology (FIT). CEO Andreas Kessler says: "We look forward with confidence to the coming year, and enhancing our market presence based on long experience in the mountain bike sector. In response to valuable feedback from our international clients and dealers, we are now combining Flyer's familiar stylish design with a trendier colour concept. And we're introducing more models with wider tyres."

Well equipped for tougher terrain
With the Uproc7-Series – equipped with Flyer Intelligent Technology (FIT) – each and every tour is an adventure. Internationally acclaimed by many top bikers, this is the ideal machine for extreme terrain. The Multi-Speed-Assist e-bike system (a world first from Panasonic) enhances climbing capability even in the most testing territory. Flyer's exclusive two-gear transmission ensures that the rider is always within the optimal torque range of the motor, whatever the prevailing situation. The Uproc7 is an authentic and exceptional Enduro bike. Even at high speed, the 160-millimetre bike suspension and 27.5 plus tires ensure an extremely pleasant riding experience. The ultra-rigid L-shaped down tube supports the distinctive design and also facilitates single-step insertion and removal of the battery. The Uproc7 series comes in attractive slate-grey/lime-green, slate-grey/sky-blue and marble-grey/carmine colours, and in three frame sizes. The machines will be available from dealers from October 2016, at prices starting from 4699 Euros. The Uproc2 e-mountain bike also embraces Flyer Intelligent Technology and prices start from 3699 Euros.

Stylish Urban e-bikes for everyday use
October 2016 will also see also the appearance on international markets of the Flyer’s U-Series – the ultimate e-bike for town and city. Elegant, eco-friendly, modern and relatively fast, this speed-pedelec is ideal for users requiring maximum mobility in an everyday urban environment. Chief Technical Officer Ivica Durdevic: "The U-Series embraces the advantages of our new Flyer Intelligence Technology. In addition to important aesthetic aspects, we have focussed on the ergonomics and enhanced user comfort and convenience." Improved safety is assured by a rear light with integrated brake light and headlamp with full-beam function. The Panasonic Multi-Speed Assist two-gear motor ensures with this series a greater transmission ratio range, enabling the biker to reach very quickly the fastest speed at even low pedalling frequency. The automatic function of the dynamic drive enables users to navigate through the heaviest traffic quickly, safely and in a relaxed way. As with the Uproc mountain bike, the ultra rigid L-shaped down tube facilities easy insertion and removal of the battery. U-Series e-bikes come into their own on town and city streets, while also satisfying the most demanding design and technology requirements. The Series comes in two model specifications and four frame sizes. Prices start from 4399 Euros.

The more compact and agile Flyer Flogo model is now available in mood-blue. The popular T-Series and C-Series feature fashionable new colour variations such as Agate Blue and Jade Green. Many of the models are compatible with a wide range of Flyer accessories.

Flyer Intelligent Technology (FIT)
The Uproc2, 4 and 7 models and also the U-Series are equipped with the innovative Flyer Intelligent Technology (FIT). This is the company's own expandable system architecture, integrating all key
components of e-bike technology in such a way that they harmonise and inter-communicate. They offer the user a wide range of options and new functions offering, among other advantages, increased biking safety. These include a sensor integrated into the side stand, or dipped and dimmed headlights. Flyer Intelligent Technology ensures enhanced performance by means of manual or automatic gearbox. With FIT, Biketec is setting new superior standards of technology.


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