Corporate Publishing

Whether business report, newsletter or client magazine – they represent your company to the outside world.

Corporate Publishing

Corporate publishing is the representation of your enterprise to the outside world, by such means as the Internet, newsletters, corporate and client magazines. These demand professional planning and production, creative content, journalistic expertise and other specialized skills. Here too PrimCom is your professional partner.

Staff and client magazines

Based on precise target-group analysis – and in close co-operation with you – we can plan and produce a highly professional publication, either for your staff or clients. Or both. We can take care of the entire editorial process or (if you prefer) carefully selected individual contributions. But always with a quality, creative and coherent publication in mind.


Here too, precise target-group analysis and close cooperation with the client are top priority for a professional product. Whether from concept to completion, handling headlines or providing picture captions – we'll give your product the coherent quality it deserves.


Are you reaching the right recipients beyond the classical media channels? Do you require the expertise that surpasses purely writing skills? We specialize in the stylization and visualization of online formats as an eye-catching showcase highlighting your company’s products and services.

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